Diamond Microdermabrasion for ageing skin?

Diamond Microdermabrasion for ageing skin?

Searching for ways to achieve younger looking skin and banish those wrinkles?

The cosmetic industry is full of new skin treatments, fantastic machines which are introduced to the market every year, often they are just a tweak on a previous machine etc....
Here is a treatment that is very simple in its core concept yet very effective. It is used by numerous celebrities and models.
The concept is to remove old skin cells by a wand with an abrasive head. New skin cells are reinvigorated, collagen and elastin levels are increased.
It is a quick, safe, effective form of exfoliation for all skin types and colours, no pain or discomfort, and results are noticeable immediately. In addition to anti ageing effects it also helps with acne scarring and sun damaged skin.

We use the Diamond tip method as opposed to the older Crystal method, the link below is a description of both,

but to summarise, there was some concern that by blasting crystals on the skin could cause crystal dust getting into mouth,eyes, nose, ears. Diamond tips have the crystals fixed on to the tip which is manually moved across the skin (like a fine sand paper) and there is no possibility of any dust being created. The old skin cells are sucked up with vacuum.
More info can be found here

The best is to start with a series of 5 – 6 treatments spaced 7 – 10 days apart and then have a monthly maintenance session. During consultation with us a suitable programme will be agreed upon. Check out our microdermabrasion page.